As the tram is a hop-on hop-off service, it is difficult to have a precise timetable but we do leave Subiaco Train Station on the hour and Shenton Park Onslow Rd on the half hour.

The Subiaco Tram operates:

Tuesday – Friday
10.00am – 4.00pm

10.00am – 1.00pm

Please note Ruby will not be operational from Christmas Day (25 December 2021) through to mid January 2022.

The service is free!

Unfortunately, due to the age of the tram it is not possible to have wheelchair/walking aids on board.

Due to possible sudden stops, drinking on board is at your own risk.

The tram is limited with space, speak to the Tram Driver – as long as we can fit it in, we will do our best.

We are always looking for volunteers, please see our help needed page for current roles/vacancies.

The tram follows this route:

Departs Subiaco Train Station
left turn onto Roberts Road, passing the Subiaco Oval (Domain Stadium)
right ito Coghlan Road and right again  onto Hay Street
Hay Street to Rokeby Road (passing Officeworks, The Vic, turning right by the Subiaco Hotel)
Up Rokeby Road with a left onto Bagot Road and straight on to Kings Park Road
Right turn into Kings Park and stops at and stops at the set down zone near the Old Tea Pavilion after turning right onto Kattidj Close (which is a short walk away from Frasers Restaurant).
Left out of Kattidj Close, Left onto Kings Park Road and onto Bagot Road.
Left at the corner of Bagot and Rokeby and right into Nicholson Road
Along Nicholson Road to Railway Road
Railway Road to Onslow Road
Onslow Road to Derby Road
Derby Road to Nicholson, then turn onto Hensman Road
Hensman Road to Hammersley Road (passing the Theatre Gardens)
Hammersley Road, taking a left turn onto Rokeby by the war memorial and back down Rokeby to the Station.

Click here to view the Route Map

*Please note The Subiaco Tram route is changing to explore more of Kings Park in the coming future. The updated route will be advised soon, keep an eye on our social media!

If you have any further questions, please reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.