“Ruby” – The Subiaco Tram

Following a 60 year break since the last tram rolled around Subiaco, the Subiaco Tram is now back!  Thanks to a team of volunteers (drivers, helpers etc.) and financing provided entirely by local businesses as sponsorship in return for advertising, the project is fully operational after launching on 1st October 2018.

The Subiaco Tram provides a free hop-on, hop-off service that runs a prescribed route each hour, starting from the Subiaco Train Station, up and down the main streets of Subiaco and Shenton Park, then returning to the Subiaco Train Station for a 5 to 10 minute stop before the next round.

History of the current tram

The tram was originally built about 25 years ago after being commissioned by George (surname unknown). His idea was to run them (there were two built – with trailers originally) from Subiaco along Hay St into Perth City.  That stalled on permission issues so one ran from Kings Park down to the University of Western Australia (with a quick tour of the Campus) and back again. The other ran from Kings Park out to Burswood and returned to the City. The trams were designed as replicas of the 1899 Trams.

How did it come about?

The Tram started as an initiative by local business woman Niki Peinke (The Property Exchange), who saw the tram as a way of bringing more people into Subiaco and providing a unique feature to make people want to visit the area.  Niki paid $85,000 for the tram to get the project off the ground.
Niki said “the idea of the tram – apart from assisting people to move around Subiaco and visit the shopping precincts – is to provide a unique feature in the City of Subiaco in keeping with its history and heritage” and for the enjoyment of all.